About us

We implement sustainable energy solutions across borders!

Ren Energy Crossborder Co., Ltd. was established by experts in the area of cross-border business between Japan and Europe focusing on bioenergy solutions as well as implementation and change management. It has focused on small to medium scale distributed biomass utilization technologies geared towards the Japanese market, where “Satoyama” countryside communities are compact with substantial organic feedstock but lack in necessary infrastructure and suffer from patchwork ownership of such resources. While Japan has double the forest stock in comparison to Germany, market forces and local conditions such as ownership issues and lack of skilled labor has limited sustainability in regards to the local utilization of organic resources.

On the other hand, this means that community participation is key to project success and to realizing a sustainable, local resource cycle, for which small and medium scale technologies are most compatible. RenEnergy does not only sell machinery and equipment based on statistics – it seeks to assess the current needs and situation of local communities to empower and reinstate ownership of local resources to the community. Our team and partners with a very diverse set of expertise will help realize projects that are customized to local needs and draw from the lessons across borders.


Dr. Tilo Schmid-Sehl, Managing Partner and Representative Director
A CEO in Japan and Director of Corporate Strategy and Finance in Germany, Dr. Schmid-Sehl has a strong focus on strategy, finance and operational management. With 20 years’ experience in cross-border management, he has established green-field operations and joint-venture companies in Asia and successfully re-engineered and re-positioned operating companies.
Dr. Shmid-Sehl has been working closely with the Nordrhein-Westfalen government and its ministers, JETRO, mayors of Bioenergy Villages in Germany and the Utsukushii Mura Rengo mayors of Japan, among others, to implement cross-border technology and human exchange for realizing a sustainable bioeconomy future.
Markus Schaedlich, Managing Partner and Representative Director
An operational expert with a high target focus, Mr. Schaedlich has 15 years’ experience in cross-border management. He established the first European, non-joint-venture, first-tier production facility in Japan and also managed production projects in Korea
Edward Y. Sumoto, Director and Business Development Manager for Japan
A sustainable community development expert and cross-border science & technology management specialist, Mr. Sumoto has worked for various United Nations agencies and projects as well as a British science officer in Japan. With special focus on bioenergy and smart energy technologies, he has orchestrated the signing of an MOU between the Japan Smart Community Alliance (JSCA) and Smart Grid Great Britain (Smart Grid GB) as well as found working partnerships in the field of bioenergy and biochar between the UK and Japan. He has also facilitated many community development projects and workshops with energy, diversity, gender, and empowerment focuses in Japan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Turkey, and China.